Beit El Gomla





The What Beit El Gomla

Beit El Gomla is a very well-known large hyper-market chain, and PARADIGM SOLUTIONS FOR INFORMATION SYSTEMis its digital arm and exclusive marketing service.

The Objective

We created the online presence of Beit El Gomla by developing it’s Facebook page and introduced the brand to its target demographics. When we began, Beit El Gomla only had one branch in Alexandria. Today, there are 14 branches in Alex and one in Cairo. Our strategy generated wide-reaching awareness through the social media presence and through various digital campaigns. We adapted Beit El Gomla’s offerings to include delivery services to help the business cope with the Covid-19 safety precautions by developing deals with Instashop and Otlob (now Talabat).

The Solution

We managed to add value to our brand assets through the lifestyle photoshoots and videos taken from the supermarkets during the opening events.




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